26 07, 2010

Facebook isn’t a popularity contest

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I look at some peoples fb wall and it is obvious that they do not know half of the people who are their friends. posting the most ridiculous things. Got all those friends for all the wrong reasons. Check out this video why you might wanna thing twice before adding another friend on facebook.

19 07, 2010

Only Suckers Give Up! Are YOU a Sucker?

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Only suckers give up! I turned 30 something yesterday and I have twin girls that turned 1 3 days before me. I'm one of those guys that you would have looked at and not given a card. One of those guys that you would have looked at and said NO CHANCE! Forget UPS, check out the video and see what Never giving up can do for you!

6 07, 2010

Is Your Appearance Getting You Ahead OR Holding You Back?

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I actually shot this video yesterday morning but had to make a quick run to the gas station this morning to put some gas in my car. I looked HORRIBLE! Like who did it and Why! Basketball shorts, a wife beater, and Tims. But I still had the common sense to see a sharp lady next to me and talk to her.

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