5 01, 2013

Who Told You…You Were Broke – INTCHAMPS #5

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There will ALWAYS be advisers in life who want to coach you and tell you things that they think are good for you. But a lot of time its those same people that keep you BROKE! Check out this video to see why you might getting hoodwinked and bamboozled.

3 08, 2012

Success Quote of the Day – Vision

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Good Morning Internet Champions, today's quote of the day is about vision and comes from my favorite book of all time--the Bible. I am fortunate enough to have a mentor--Paul Jones--that is deeply rooted in the word and often times in the morning and throughout the day he will send me scripture and quotes. Check out the quote he sent me this morning.

2 01, 2012

What is Paul D. Jones, Marquise Money-Mike Williams, & Team F.O.C.U.S. doing to make The MLM Industry go CRAZY!!!

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Happy New Year Internet Champions, all I can say is WOW! Last night at 9pm I had the pleasure of having multi-millionaire, author, speaker, and CEO of JMG Net-Worth, Paul D Jones on a conference call. But this wasn’t any regular conference call. I've never heard from a owner breaking down a business in simple terms like Paul Jones did. Listen closely to find out why JMG Net-Worth is the simplest, most relevant company in the industry and is headed into major momentum.

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