16 01, 2013

I Am A CHAMPION – Martin Luther King

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Happy Birthday MLK. For somebody who has done so much for society many celebrate him for the popularity of his name without truly knowing what he sacrificed and what he accomplished. Check out this video to see 3 things you can do to make sure that you leave your mark on the world.

5 01, 2013

Who Told You…You Were Broke – INTCHAMPS #5

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There will ALWAYS be advisers in life who want to coach you and tell you things that they think are good for you. But a lot of time its those same people that keep you BROKE! Check out this video to see why you might getting hoodwinked and bamboozled.

4 01, 2013

The Receipe for Success – INTCHAMPS #4

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To be successful physically you have to feed your body food for nourishment. To be successful spiritually you have to feed your spirit nourishment. Check out this video to see why most people are not successful no matter how much work they put in.

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