About Marquise Williams

As the Founder of Novae and Blueprint Success Seminars, Marquise Williams has made his mark in the industry of Personal Growth and Self Development as one of the youngest and most successful entrepreneurs in the space. He has founded, co-founded, and chaired several companies since starting his initial company in 2001 at 20 years old. He continues to create business relationships and opportunities that empower people to take charge of their lives, gain a new education, and move toward true financial independence.

Marquise started his road to entrepreneurship while in college full-time and working a full-time job. Upon seeing that his job was keeping him from accomplishing many of his personal goals, he started working very diligently on his part time business. Within a short period of time he was able to leave his job and pursue his dreams full-time. Since paying off debts, changing his lifestyle, and achieving many personal goals, he has coached and mentored thousands of people nationwide and built a personal business that exceeded tens of thousands of independent representatives and produced annual revenues of several million dollars within the Network Marketing industry. These accomplishments allowed him to become financially free in his mid 20s. Also a best selling author, Marquise wrote his autobiography, chronicling his life story, called The Fatherless Father that empowers single mothers, fathers, and fatherless teenagers and young adults to reach their full potential in life.

Despite very humble beginnings, Mr. McDaniel is as well accomplished as any professional networker in history. As a talented speaker, he is frequently tapped by corporations, non-profits, youth programs, faith-based organizations and educational institutions to share the keys of his successful entrepreneurial endeavors. He offers audiences a candid peek into his personal experiences and provides motivation and encouragement to inspire positive life changes and success. He was recently featured as one of the youngest success stories in a recent issue of “Who’s Who in Black Atlanta”, a publication highlighting some of the most accomplished African Americans in Atlanta, GA. He is also an active member of the National Speakers Association – a select group of accredited speakers nationwide, the National Speakers Association Georgia Chapter, and also The Global Speakers Federation. In addition, Marquise is also an active member of the American Society for Training and Development – the world’s largest professional association dedicated to the training and development field, and the GA Chapter as well. Marquise has received numerous awards and recognition throughout his career and also for his memorable speaking and training sessions. His teachings, focusing on personal growth, spiritual fulfillment, and financial stability are unparalleled, transcending cultural and age barriers.

Marquise Williams “The Fatherless Father” will challenge the popular cliché, “A woman can’t raise a man.” This book will arm you with a strong faith in God along with giving you certain principals and truths that will prepare you for the challenges faced in a single-parent household.

Single-mothers can use this book as a guide for raising a successful child. Teenagers who are fatherless can refer to the various life lessons described in “The Fatherless Father”, which will help them obtain more respect and admiration for their mother raising them on their own. Additionally, fathers removed from their child’s life will realize their absence is detrimental to the development of their child, inspiring a positive change in behavior.

Marquise’s prolific words cover his life’s journey: from his traumatic birth to his challenging childhood growing up in the projects; from his teenage years filled with mixed emotions on his absentee father to a life-changing event during his college years. His mother, Deborah teaches him many lessons, many even unknown to her, not primarily by her words, but more so by her actions. This book concludes with a jaw-dropping turn of events, but still proving that adversity cannot stop a man from being a successful entrepreneur, father and husband.

“The Fatherless Father” will leave you inspired, encouraged, and motivated to end the fatherless household epidemic taking place around the world.